Long-term monitoring stations for railway noise

Müller-BBM produces and operates Monitoring Systems for a continuous assessment of railway noise and vibrations.

Our long-term monitoring stations have been tested over many years and under all climatic conditions - they are suited for continuous operation and automated data analysis - just to meet your needs.

The monitoring stations

  • record railway noise and vibrations and the resulting nuisance,
  • determine the quality of the wheel tread (flats, polygons - it is possible to have a distinction between wheels with composite brakes and cast iron brakes,
  • can measure several rail tracks simultaneously,
  • can identify train type and velocity and
  • independently sort out those measurements where interferences occur (two trains meeting, high background noise levels).

Possible applications are:

  • proof of concept for noise reduction measures at railway routes
  • noise Monitoring 
  • acoustic measurements for the determination of noise-dependent track pricing
  • evaluation of the fraction of completed retrofits from cast iron brakes to wheels with composite brakes/LL-composite Brakes.

Characteric properties of the Monitoring stations are: 

  • modular design 
  • flexible customisation to your needs,
  • meaningful statistic data collection from continuous monitoring,
  • alarms triggered when limit values are exceeded (SMS, e-mail),
  • lasting quality (in use for more than 15 years),
  • complete automation - there is no need for the operator to intervene, 
  • online remote access (LAN, WLAN, UMTS/LTE) even in far-flung territories,
  • automatic calibration of the microphones on demand. 

The components are dependent on the specific problem and can come with the following sensor technology features, apart from the measurement recording program:

  • vehicle detection
  • weather-proof microphones
  • accelerometers
  • axle detectors
  • video recording
  • weather data

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