Mobile Wheel Monitoring System (WMS)

Cost efficient and fast to install Wheel Monitoring System

The new developed mobile WMS offers the benefits of a fully automated WMS at an attractive price. It is designed to monitor wheel damages as polygons and flats and their evolution. The mobile WMS is quick to install and grants:

  • early detection of wheel damages
  • noises and vibration reduction and increased safety
  • reduction of complaints from residents
  • condition based maintenance
  • cost saving from less maintenance and higher runtime of wheel sets.

The mobile WMS is installed temporarily, identifies the passing vehicle, analyses the wheel tread quality, stores the results to a databank and provides reliable, fast and plain results about · wheel conditions within a rail fleet · spread of wheel damages · the development of wheel damages The large datasets collected by the mobile WMS may be used for statistical analyses on identifying root mechanism.

Product information:

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