m|rail trolley
High-precision rail surface measuring device

The rolling noise of rail vehicles depends on the roughness of rails and wheels. Therefore a detailed knowledge about the roughness of the running surface is essential to assess noise and vibration. This roughness is formed by imperfections in the dimension of a micrometer or even less. The measurement of the roughness thus forms high demands to the precision of the measuring system.
To cope with these requirements, the high-precise rail measuring device m|rail trolley was developed.
m|rail trolley is universal applicable for rail surface measurements in railway acoustics as well as in rail maintenance.

Product description
m | rail trolley is a light, moveable and highly precise device for continuous, longitudinal measurements of the rail surface. The calibration of the device fulfills the requirements for an accreditation according to [ISO/IEC 17025].

The typical applications of the m | rail trolley are:

  • Normative quantification of a track section for acoustic homologation tests [prEN 15610] [EN ISO 3095], [TSINoise], [EN ISO 3381]
  • Determination of input data for acoustic simulations of the rolling noise (e. g. within the design phase)
  • Monitoring of the rail quality within the rail network
  • Assessment of acoustic grinding
  • Evaluation of grinding results according to [EN 13231-3] (longitudinal profile)
  • Detection of acoustic and vibration relevant defects as corrugation
  • Research work

The most important characteristics of the m | rail trolley are:

  • High measurement accuracy with high repeatability
  • Fast and easy installation of the device onto the rail
  • Direct measurement of the rail surface by a displacement transducer
  • Fast and easy setting of the sensor position
  • Graphical user interface provided by the software
  • Real-time display of measurement signal (during measurement)
  • Full access to the raw data for an extended analysis
  • Simple connection to the I/O device through a USB-port
  • Power supply via USB-port (no battery required)
  • Product support is guaranteed for at least 10 years

Product information:

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