Wheel Monitoring System (WMS)

Reduce noise of vehicles and maintenance costs

The WMS is designed to monitor wheel tread damages as polygons and flats and their evolution. It grants:

  • early detection of wheel polygons
  • early detection of wheel flats
  • increased safety
  • noise and vibration reduction
  • reduction of complaints from residents
  • condition based maintenance
  • cost saving from less maintenance and higher runtime of wheel sets
  • vehicle information (ID, speed, etc.)

The WMS identifies the passing vehicle, analyses the wheel tread quality, stores the results to a databank and provides reliable, fast and plain results on

  • wheel conditions within the monitored rail fleet,
  • spread of wheel damages
  • the development of wheel damages

The large datasets collected by the WMS support statistical analyses on identifying root mechanisms. The following parameters can be measured by the Wheel Monitoring System:

  • wheel tread defects (e. g. flats, etc. [EN 15313])
  • wheel tread polygonization [UIC B 169/DT 405], [EN 15313]

The most important characteristics of the WMS are:

  • fully automated operation
  • high measurement accuracy with high repeatability
  • fast and easy installation of the system
  • vehicle identification module
  • noise measuring and monitoring module
  • graphical user interface provided by the software
  • simple and easy to use
  • product is guaranteed to be supported for at least 10 years

Technical principle
Quick, robust and non-invasive installation in the track. Specifically designed WMS sensors measure the wheel tread condition of each passing wheel (i.e. detecting flats, polygons). A vehicle identification system registers the vehicle and its numbers. Optional microphones capture the noise emissions (i.e. detecting malfunctioning aggregates).

Precise and comprehensible results: WMS processes all wheels and yields indicators for polygonisation and flats. The displayed indication is proportional to the severity of the damage / polygonisation and may additionally be adjusted to the customer’s needs.

Option: Mobile Wheel Monitoring System (WMS)
The mobile WMS temporarily offers the benefits of a fully automated WMS at an attractive price and an even reduced installation time. It is best used to quickly assess the quality of wheel tread conditions across the entire fleet.        

Product information:

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