Wheel roughness measuring device m|wheel

Müller-BBM developed the m|wheel measuring device especially for highly precise measurements of the running surfaces of rail wheels.

m|wheel combines optimised handling with maximum precision. Not least for this reason, m|wheel was nominated for the MessTec & Sensor Masters AWARD 2010.

Typical applications are:

  • Measurement of the roughness, polygonisation (out-of-roundness) and eccentricity of wheels
  • Detection of wheel flats and further wheel defects
  • Acquisition of input data for acoustic simulations
  • Research work

Key advantages of m|wheel at a glance:

  • Highly precise, small, light, manageable and robust
  • Power supply via USB connection
  • User friendly
  • Simple and rapid measurement as well as evaluation
  • Quick and simple attachment of device to rail
  • Quick and simple adjustment of sensor position
  • Start & Stop automated by magnetic sensor
  • Simple and rapid measurement as well as evaluation
  • Real-time display of measurement signal, polar/Cartesian graph

Measurement and analysis software "m|wheel measure":

  • Data capture
  • Graphic display of roughness signal: Cartesian/polar graph in real time
  • Calculation and graphic display of one-third octave band roughness spectrum
  • Calculation and graphic display of order spectrum
  • Limit curves of definitive standards implemented


Product information:

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