Bridge Monitoring System

Bridge Monitoring System

The fully autonomous Bridge Monitoring System provides accurate information about the structural response for numerous tasks:

  • Construction monitoring
  • Structural health assessment, ensuring load bearing capacity and serviceability.
  • Calibration of calculation models
  • Investigation of higher load capacity
  • Damage detection via crack width measurements
  • Damage detection via changes in natural frequencies

In the Bridge Monitoring System, all essential sensors such as strain gauges, displacement sensors (laser measurement technology, cable tension sensors) or accelerometers can be used.

At the same time, the operational parameters of the train traffic are recorded, the trains identified, and the axle loads determined. This provides precise information on both the traffic and the structural stress and response.

A wide range of analyses are carried out to ensure that the task is performed efficiently, such as

  • Maximum strains/stresses or deflections
  • Fatigue analyses (e.g. based on rainflow counting)
  • Analysis methods in the frequency domain (natural frequency analysis, modal analysis, wavelet analysis, frequency filter)
  • Further analyses can be added at any time due to the configurability of the Bridge Monitoring System,

All measurement and analysis results are available on the internal network/Internet (Iot: Internet of things) at any time.

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