Trackl Monitoring System (TMS)

Experience and excellence in track monitoring: Track Monitoring System TMS

Damage to rails or knocked-out frogs lead to an increase in noise and vibration emissions, increased wear and can cause safety problems. The Track Monitoring System TMS detects autonomously, automatically and reliably

  • broken rails
  • broken frogs,
  • corrugations, slip waves, rough rail surfaces

and evaluates them using an easy-to-interpret indicator.

The TMS monitors their progressive development and enables:

  • early detection of rail damage
  • condition-based maintenance and thus
  • higher track availability and a reduction of maintenance costs.

All measurement and analysis results are available at any time on the internal network/Internet (Iot: Internet of things).

Rail monitoring and statistics on rail defects support the identification of the causes of rail damage and the development of countermeasures.

The TMS has a modular structure. Additional measuring points (vehicles) can be retrofitted later at low cost and integrated into the TMS.

Last but not least, the TMS is robust and has proven itself in long-term use. Furthermore, we guarantee maintenance and support for at least 10 years.

An optional noise measurement module enables the precise traceable measurement of noise emission and immission.

We are happy to support you with our know-how in identifying the causal rail damage mechanisms.

Option: Mobile Track Monitoring System (TMS)

A cost-efficient and simple evaluation of the rail condition is provided by the mobile TMS. The mobile TMS is a measuring system that is temporarily installed in a line vehicle.

The installation takes place within one day. The rail network is then driven over. The mobile TMS operates fully automatically. The measuring system starts as soon as the operating voltage is present. The measurement starts automatically at start-up. The result of the measurement is the rail condition of the traveled network. The results are documented in a report, which can be submitted one week after the measurements have been completed.

The mobile TMS is a simple and efficient method for determining the rail condition throughout the network.

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